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Welcome to the online home of Carl “Safe Sax” Ferris! This is THE place to be for all of the latest Safe Sax news and information, along with the fun fan photo gallery and Carl’s performance calendar. Best of all, you can hear music samples and visit our store to purchase your favorite albums as downloads or CDs.


Inspired by past experiences, the people he’s met and the places he’s visited, Carl has created a soundtrack to the colorful side of life found, “Only On D Street.”


“Only On D Street” celebrates that very special place found in cities around the world and all across America where we’ll find a unique vibe and unusual sights, sounds and flavors. The people there move to their own rhythm. Life there is fun, exciting and sometimes bizarre. Carl has captured it all in the music of his latest CD.



Experience the eclectic blend of 11 original songs for yourself. You’ll find the soulful groove of “Zone Zero,” “Theodore’s Locker,” and “The Perfect 50;” reggae beats of “Magic Hats” and “Spin;” heartfelt ballads in “A Million Kisses” and “One More Song,” and much more.


“Only On D Street” is available for purchase along with all of Carl’s music in our store Choose the format that works best for you… Have a CD delivered to your home via U.S. Postal Service or download the MP3 version direct to your computer.


You can also hear samples of all of Carl’s songs on our Music Page, then download or purchase each of your favorite albums on CD by visiting our Online Store.


To complete your shopping experience, be sure and grab the hip, black and white “Safe Sax” T-shirts and sweatshirts that are also available in our store. These shirts feature the same cool logo that’s projected nightly on the canopy high above Fremont Street.


View fan photos of Carl in the Gallery and submit your own via e-mail to Safe-Sax.

Your favorite shots may be included in the future!


Send a message to Carl via our Contact page.

To hear Carl playing live nightly, come on down to the Fremont Street Experience. He's looking forward to seeing you!


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